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Liquidsalt specialises in designing systems that are user friendly, and ready to capture the right kind of data for your research needs. Our experience will help you build an application or website that aligns your research and education goals with available technology.


Ruben Hopmans has a Master of Research in educational design for online delivery. His background covers interactive simulations, online education and information technology systems design. His experience covers a number of major research projects and online platforms involving thousands of participants. Areas of research include health education, simulation design, evaluating learning outcomes and telehealth.


Web design

PHP, JavaScript, Ajax, HMTL5, Jquery, Online charts (chart.js) Data-driven objects (d3.js)

System design

User interface design, user experience design, data management, data privacy, web security, project planning

Asset design

Design software for image, video and audio editing, document design, game design, infographics